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True For All Methods:

All four methods provide consistent accurate results with specimen validity testing available. They all have  a proven track record with results that mostly stand up in a court of law.  They all have at least a 5-panel test available.     

Which Drug Test?

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UrineRapid UrineOral FluidHair
Best Uses

DOT Drug Test

or when

alcohol or a custom panel is needed.

When a quick result is needed.

Reasonable Suspicion and

Post Accident drug testing.

The Q.E.D. Alcohol saliva test is approved for DOT alcohol screening. 

To evaluate long-term patterns of drug use.

Wait fourteen days from the drug use to allow it to grow out into the exposed hair.


Cost effective industry standard for evidence of current use.

By far, has the most variety of drugs available for testing.

Fast decision making.

Lower level of detection option is available.

Best at detecting recent use and immediately after use.

Alcohol is also available.

Observed collection adds validity.


Every donor is able to provide a sufficient sample for testing.

Can't be substituted or altered. Most efficient at weeding out chronic drug users especially when random testing is utilized.

The level of drugs found (with some variability) can be used to help establish an appropriate rehabilitation program.


Possible to dilute, substitute or adulterate.   


Shy bladder syndrome.

Limited panel of drugs.


If a positive result is found the specimen must be shipped to the lab for confirmation testing.

Limited panel of drugs.

Except for alcohol testing, the device must be shipped to the laboratory for testing.

Level of drugs found cannot be reliably used to make assumptions about the pattern of donor usage.

Higher cost.

There are some persons who lack enough hair for a regular collection.

Look Back
Depending on the drug 2 to 7 days except marijuana and PCP which can be up to 30 days depending on pattern of use.Usually is the same as regular urine drug test. 24 to 36 hour look back except marijuana is less than 24 hours.

The standard test uses 1 1/2" of head hair and looks back about 90 days.

Look back is 30 days for each 1/2" of head hair length tested.