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   Fraternal or Identical Twin Test
    Two twins are tested.  Results reported within 2 business days.

Relationship Test
Includes up to three parties.  Siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Call us for various options. Results reported within 5 business days.

Paternity or Maternity Test
Includes alleged parent and one child.  Its optional to include the mother at no extra cost. 

​​​Results reported within 2 business days.

Home DNA Test Kit

Additional Tested Party​​

$150 - free shipping

$80 - free shipping

​​​If you don't need a legal test result for child support or custody, you can order a peace of mind at-home test kit.  We will mail a kit - complete with instructions and addressed pre-paid return envelope- to you. 

Step 1: Call Drug & DNA Testing, Inc. or order below to get started

​We will help you through the entire process and make sure you get the right test for your situation.  We can mail separate kits to multiple addresses as needed free of charge.

Step 2:  You collect your DNA with a simple cheek swab and mail the sample to our USA based Clia-Waived laboratory. 

The lab is the world's premier DNA paternity testing lab.  The lab will run your test twice tp guarantee accurate results.

Step 3:  Receive your results by email, mail or fax. A hard copy is included in the price.  Your privacy is 100% protected.

Feel free to call us with your questions at 847-458-8880.

Drug & DNA Testing, Inc​.

Lake In The Hills

$290 - free shipping

$150 - free shipping