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Breaking - Workplace drug test positivity rates have recently increased after a decades-long decline

An analysis based on the results of more than 10 million workplace tests by Quest Diagnostics has determined that heroin is on the rise along with new synthetic drugs. The data continues to confirm that marijuana is the most commonly detected substance in the workplace with positivity rates in the U.S. workforce increasing 14.3 percent between 2013 and 2014.


Employers need to be aware that heavy alcohol consumers and users of drugs of abuse are more likely to be late, miss days, have increased health issues and put the safety of themselves and others at risk in the workplace.  Additionally they may create an increase in company turnover, theft and decrease company productivity and morale. A company employing heavy alcohol consumers or users of drugs of abuse may also experience increased insurance costs.

Having a pre-employment and random drug testing program does deter approximately one-third of these users from applying to a company.  With all of this is mind most companies will agree that while drug testing programs do incur a cost the return on the investment (ROI) is quite favorable.


Our Employer Services:

Drug & DNA Testing, Inc. offers on-site and in-office drug and alcohol testing services.  Additionally, for your convenience,  we provide random selections, quarterly and annual MIS reports and TPA (third party administrator) services if desired.  We can help you compare the various types of drug tests that are available to meet your drug testing program goals. We will also do collections only services if you already have your drug testing program in place.

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